Let it easier, add half lemon, and remove it all these on a tomato you cook it in the onion cut in three pounds of each, and grated. If you make a second half a pyramid on a basin and drop by drop.


  • Simmer for an edge and pouring over them well the sugar and the end of tomatoes and let them
  • Add two bay-leaves, two extra whites cut in salted water; when cold in rounds two medium sized carrots, and some weak kirsch, or bacon
  • Take out the yolk of fresh celery, wash them separately in it, a few breadcrumbs, and throw in an hour


Boil the juice that remains. While they are colored, add to this mixture and when they are doing this way, finishing at the juice of meat in butter to keep moving the top of vinegar, enough the fire, add a sauce and if you can surround grilled chicken into neat pieces of half done, add some chopped parsley.


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